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Affordable Full-featured Customer Experience Platform

Mobilize your organization towards customer centricity®

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We are Customer Experience practitioners with many years of experience with leading multinationals on both client and agency side. We are big advocates of using CX platforms as part of a successful CX program. Yet, we were astonished on how prohibitively expensive fully featured Customer Experience Platforms are.

We decided to change that through RecommendIT.

RecommendIT will reduce your CX Platform costs by at least 50% whilst providing high quality, reliability, superior flexibility and a smooth data and process transfer*

You no longer need a 7-digit CX budget to excel in Customer Experience.


will unify your current NPS Program around one holistic system

Action Manager

Fast and Easy Management of improvement actions - linking actions to relevant customers.

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Flexible management of timing and mode of engagements, meeting global and local needs. Fast data upload.

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Survey Engine

Easy to use Touch Point NPS web and phone survey creator with extensive workflow functionalities.

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Instant access to process, scores and Improvement actions statistics. Fast analytical and reporting environment.

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RecommendIT at a glance


Complex global & multi-business deployment made easy


Great customised NPS intelligence and reporting


Easy to use, ensuring constant employee involvement


Ability to initiate and manage improvement actions


Value added services on every step


Fits your organization and your specific needs


Great value for money


Smooth transfer from competitive platforms

How is RecommendIT different from CX platforms like Satmetrix, Medallia or Maritz CX?

Survey Management
Manage organization improvements
Dashboards and Reporting
Flexible deployment
Embedded Data Analytics
Painless transfer from competitive platforms

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