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Action manager

Improvement action manager: link to results, people and customer

Action manager lets you create, approve, manage and track improvement actions. Improvement actions are based on survey results and can be directly linked to relevant customers.

Create and execute improvement actions within your organizations with the ultimate goal to keep your current promoters happy and create new ones on every step.

Act upon customer needs and let your customers drive improvement

  • Identify customer needs and key improvement areas
  • Create improvement tasks (short-term quick wins or longer term projects) and assign owners
  • Manage complicated longer-term projects and track progress

Short and long term feedback loops to customers once improvement actions have been implemented

Customer experience feedback loops do more than just connect customers and frontline, they distribute and implement the customer’s feedback within the entire organization.

RecommendIT has an action-oriented feedback loop engine which tracks the improvements made by the organizations and their influence on every customer. Sales & frontline teams have access to meaningful feedback, keeping promoters happy and turning dissatisfied customers to promoters in just one phone call.