Put out the fire before it’s too late

Create rules and flag cases to specific action holders within your organization. Provide your customers with high quality care that is relevant to their personal needs.

case management
case management

RecommendIT highlights

customer issues and triggers

corrective actions

within your organisation

Contact requests or issue highlights are generated and distributed in real-time

Alerts and reminders ensure task completion

Predefined report forms or integration with existing ticketing system help employees handle the issue

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What’s It Worth To You

Put out the fire well before it spreads

Automatic flagging allows you to track worst performers and set your priority cases. You can easily prevent incidents or bad practices so your business runs smoothly.

Front Line Office Calls

Load effective call script automatically based on initial responses.  Track comments and feedback directly in RecommendIT.

Summary of all pending tasks

Track all pending tasks in RecommendIT and send them on a weekly basis to your business Front Line management or Central team.