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Tailor the customer journey centrally or localize it based on geography-specific needs.

Your customers might have one uniform customer journey or different customer journeys depending on their geography or the business line they are interacting with.

To create promoters who will help your company thrive, you need to manage their experience across the entire customer journey.

RecommendIT lets you do that by including information relevant to each client group as part of the survey and feedback calls, e.g. based on customer journey for specific geography or business line.

Upload customer data or link directly to CRM/ERP

  • Tight CRM or ERP integration
  • Option for data import via a smart web interface or Excel
  • Data extraction to Excel of contacts and survey results at any given granularity

Manage the mode and timing of engagements centrally or locally

Local organizations and business unit specifics make the management of a Global customer experience program challenging.

RecommendIT makes this easy.

Translate everything to your local language for an even better experience.

For a better resonance with local organizations and local customer specifics, local managers can manage the mode and timing of engagements independently. Engagements can also be managed centrally to ensure uniformity.

Timely feedback reminders and internal notifications so that customer engagement does not fall between the cracks

Stay on top of all relevant communication stream.
RecommendIT distributes surveys to your respondents centrally.
Adjust the emails you want to send, create new ones and translate everything to local languages.

Assign responsibilities to customer facing executives. Map your customer engagement organization

For a successful Customer Experience program, you need to ensure the involvement of every member of your team. This requires flexibility when defining their roles and responsibilities.

RecommendIT guarantees that you assign the relevant responsibilities to every team member, delegating tasks and motivating to perform better. You no longer have to fit your organization to your Customer Experience platform – RecommendIT matches your organizational needs.

Every level in your organization can benefit from the results and insights that RecommendIT provides. Empower them to manage surveys & improvements, talk to the customers directly, track results and configure & translate actions to local needs.