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Tailored CX intelligence at your fingertips with interactive dashboards

RecommendIT provides a valuable set of interactive charts and graphs to help both management and operational staff extract important insights from the survey results and analyze the current status of the business better.

Analyze different segments and customer groups through customized filters. Export charts and data for offline purposes. Tailor your dashboards to show the best possible set of insights for your business needs.

Track results on country, business unit, market, department, customer account and/or personal level

Understand your customers better!

The results for all surveys are collected in a dynamic dashboard. RecommendIT allows the organization to track results and progress in time and compare data across regions, businesses, touch points and customers. Use the customized filters and explore results for a single customer or customer group and define specific improvement areas.

Live tracking of current progress

Always be on top of things – track the progress of your running surveys, act upon low response rates and stimulate people in your organisation to complete their tasks in time.

CX results show progress and current state of the study

Get granular insights on:

  • NPS results for different splits
  • Development of NPS in time
  • What drives NPS and how to improve it
  • Link between NPS & important KPIs

Text analytics: Know the root causes behind customer experiences

Through RecommendIT’s text analytics you can define a set of keywords and keyword groups which match your organizational structure, customer journey and business context.

Text analytics: Know the root causes behind customer experiences

The Text analytics dashboard allows you to:

  • Browse results by topics & instantly identify segments that positively or negatively impact scores for each topic
  • Discover which customer segments are most affected by key trends & issues
  • Identify drivers of satisfaction by segment and topic and integrate best practices throughout the entire organization

Customer portal & customer specific dashboards

Customer portal is an alternative or a supplement to your CRM system, providing a full overview of customer feedback on individual account or individual customer level.

This allows you to identify threatened customers, spot best-practices and discover super-promoters.

Reporting made easy

With our Report builder, you can:

  • Tailor reports to your needs
  • Create templates for regular reports
  • Download an editable version of your report and adjust offline