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Improving Customer Experience Journey in Hospitals and Healthcare

The context

Leading healthcare providers know that providing exceptional patient experience is the key to patient loyalty. Understanding what matters to patients is the cornerstone to optimizing patients’ experience and winning their trust.

Although 49% of healthcare executives claim customer experience is a top strategic priority for their business organizations over the next five years, healthcare providers continue to struggle with identifying the key drivers of patient satisfaction.

According to a PwC report, what patients value most brakes down into five main categories

– convenience;

– quality;

– support;

– personalization;

– communication.

A successful business strategy in healthcare requires the ongoing collection and integration of patient feedback, in order to gauge loyalty drivers, and provide outstanding patient experience.

A case study

The partnership between GemSeek and one of the leading healthcare and wellness providers in Europe serves as an example of our innovative approach to measure patient experience, and lift organizational capacities to act on customer feedback.  

Our client was looking to consistently measure patient experience across all of its services. They also aimed to improve sales and retention efforts  by forecasting subscriber trends and reducing churn rates.


In order to facilitate a comprehensive, yet easy to navigate, process for patient feedback collection and analysis, we conducted a thorough investigation of the current client data landscape. The scope included CRM and ERP systems, transactional records, and historical survey data.  We then integrated all existing client data, and deployed customised dashboards to standardise reporting across all of its healthcare services.

Taking into consideration the organisational structure of our client, we created a holistic customer experience platform, tracking complex customer journeys by deploying touchpoint surveys for all healthcare locations, and services.

As a result, our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms enabled our client to automatically pinpoint high-importance priority areas, as well as receive actionable suggestions to improve their overall patient experience. To further increase the utility of our findings, we visualised insights within intuitive dashboards, and equipped our client’s healthcare staff with automated, management-ready reports.


The provision of step-by-step measurements to gauge customer satisfaction and address it as appropriate ensures the ongoing optimization of business processes. As an extra step in the patient experience process we designed, our RecommendIT action manager tool flags survey complaints in real time, and assigns cases to relevant staff in order to personally contact dissatisfied patients. Patients’ comments are processed with advanced text analytics embedded in RecommendIT, which provide sentiment analysis, importance categorisation and topic clustering. By leveraging the feedback of customers, our healthcare partner also created a culture of higher patient engagement which in turn boosted customer loyalty.

Success story

Our patient experience solution was launched in 1500+ client sites among six different healthcare services, including hospital care, physiotherapy, GP services and others. It has helped revamp the organizational culture of our client, resulting in enhanced patient engagement at all levels – from patient-facing staff to top and middle management.

The ability to respond to issues in near real-time has improved patient experience in all healthcare sites included in the project. In 6 months, our client achieved a 14-point increase in their NPS score of their lowest-scoring service.

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