RecommendIT lets you engage with customers throughout their customer journeys, understand what they really need, and mobilise the organisation around customer-driven improvements

Recommendit is available as a self-service platform fully supported by our team of CX experts, data scientists, implementation consultants and solution specialists.

Our experienced team can guide your company in programme implementation, and help tailor RecommendIT to your programme needs best.

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Create regular or ad-hoc surveys to gather customer feedback throughout the customer journey. Create, translate or approve questions and questionnaires for a truly scalable global solution.

Next-gen survey creation →

Multi channel customer interaction using Web, Phone, Mobile IM, IVR and face to face tablet guided communications to reach customers where most convenient for them.

Increase response rate →

Create quick check surveys or proactive messages at different touchpoints to foster continuous engagement. Advanced capabilities to engage customers in the moment and on location.

Proactive communication →

Get a real-time pulse of customer needs through integrating multiple data sources for a full view of the customer journey.

Custom reporting →

Armed with a 360º view of the customer, you can personalize your communication and offerings their needs & preferences.

Investigate performance →

Use Advanced Text Analytics on rich repositories of customer comments to understand customer-driven improvement opportunities or propensity to buy new products or services.

Real-life picture of your customers →

Get alerted on customer issues when they occur and take action before it’s too late.

Quick win actions for customers →

Organize long-term improvement initiatives through an easy to use project management tool.

Deploy strategic improvements →

Foster employee engagement and knowledge sharing. Transfer knowledge with best practice sharing between countries or businesses.

One-click best practice knowledge sharing →