The context Leading healthcare providers know that providing exceptional patient experience is the key to patient loyalty. Understanding what matters to patients is the cornerstone to optimizing patients’ experience and winning their trust. Although 49% of healthcare executives claim customer experience is a top strategic priority for their business organizations over the next five years, […]

The context According to a survey with marketing professionals conducted by Gartner, by the end of 2019, 81% of companies expect customer experience (CX) to be the driving force in achieving market dominance. With the continuous digitalization of customer service in the insurance sector, measuring loyalty has become a number one priority for the leading […]

One thing is for certain – That the customer and customer experience management are now King. Digital advances have driven a complex ecosystem where customers can buy products and services via multiple touch points quickly and easily. It is also no longer who is cheapest, has the best value or even the best product or […]

Two sides of the same coin? Or how CRM and CEM supplement each other In the quickly expanding field of customer experience, tools and terms can get confusing. You’ve just invested a large sum in a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that your Sales Director promoted as the solution to all your customer data […]

Collecting, analysing and leveraging customer feedback Collecting, analysing and leveraging customer feedback can be an extremely complex task – It not only involves understanding all of the touchpoints a customer has with your organisation, but also having mechanisms in place to gather relevant customer feedback as close to the moment of truth as possible. Here […]

Manage customer experience and B2B partnerships with a vision for the long-term The B2B space presents a number of notable challenges for customer experience. A complex web of internal stakeholders, multi-year multi-transaction engagements, structured sales process, and legacy data and relationship management practices often greatly increase complexity and deter change. However, leaders with a clear […]