A global insurance company was looking to improve and expand its current work in customer experience (CX)

We take our work seriously. We know you do too. That’s why we have taken special care to address the upcoming GDPR legislation and equip our partners with all necessary tools for compliance. What is GDPR? The upcoming GDPR regulation will dictate the way companies collect, store and use personal data of EU citizens. The […]

When we speak about customer journeys, we often imagine a lone consumer, who makes choices in a closed environment for personal benefit. We start tracking his or her actions, we try to understand his or her opinions, we seek what influences him or her along the way, but in the end, we tend to work […]

Your company sits on a lot of data about its customers. You know when a customer received your newsletter, when they got your call for a new offer, when they requested a technician or made an inquiry. You also know what their problem or question was, or what kind of information they were looking for. […]

Imagine Lisa called your hospital to arrange an appointment for a burning backpain. She had to wait a long while to get to speak to anyone, and the process was cumbersome. Eventually, she secured an appointment. Receiving a feedback survey on the appointment process, she rated the service poorly. Already at the hospital, misfortunes piled […]