Draw the bigger picture and set long-term goals

Build a strategic approach and set initiatives that will improve your business in the long term through an easy to use project management tool

RecommendIT gives the employees throughout your organisation the tools to address systemic and operational issues and create win-win situations for customers.

Deploy strategic improvements

based on customer results with a simple project management tool

Action owners & their managers have all necessary tools

to guide their project work – link to customer results, action milestones and due dates, and action statuses.

Small group of young people at a business meeting in a cafe

What’s It Worth To You

Clear and simple project management

Manage your projects and initiatives easily. Link improvement actions with customers or customer segments.  Assign them to relevant employees, teams or departments

Cross-team improvements

Clear and transparent environment of customer performance & organizational engagement. Keep an eye on all the best practices from your departments.

Track action completion and employee effectiveness

Monitor actions and engage with each action owner to acquire more information. Read all the statuses of actions and milestones and track  all the progress for each one of them.