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Survey engine

Ensure consistency and quality of the engagements by managing questionnaire structure, questions and translations

Create a library of questions to use for different surveys.

Combine questions in a predefined structure to create an online questionnaire targeting customer groups

Select an online questionnaire and define feedback call rules. Surveys can have a different structure depending on the type of Customer experience survey.

Tailor the customer journey centrally or localize it based on geography-specific needs.

Your customers might have one uniform customer journey or different customer journeys depending on their geography or the business line they are interacting with.

To create promoters who will help your company thrive, you need to manage their experience across the entire customer journey.

RecommendIT lets you do that by including information relevant to each client group as part of the survey and feedback calls, e.g. based on customer journey for specific geography or business line.

All-in-one Survey Builder

Survey questions can be translated to multiple languages.

Easy to use functionalities to build survey waves linked to customer journeys and touchpoints

Online questionnaire visuals in accordance with your brand identity

Well prepared feedback calls to drive satisfaction through engagement

The better your surveys looks and the interview process feels, the happier and more motivated your customers will be to answer.

Organize your surveys and feedback calls in a manner that will decrease your customers’ efforts to a minimum whilst enhancing your brand reputation and customer loyalty.