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How to take your Customer Experience Management to the next level with RecommendIT

One thing is for certain – That the customer and customer experience management are now King. Digital advances have driven a complex ecosystem where customers can buy products and services via multiple touch points quickly and easily. It is also no longer who is cheapest, has the best value or even the best product or solution. It is who can provide the deepest engagement, experience and personalization across all touch points on the path-to-purchase.

Good customer experience management programs combine in-depth customer journey mapping, customer data collection and analysis, as well as tools to positively interact across all touch points a customer has with your brand. Increasingly, these tools can predict behaviors to help nudge customers forward to their next positive interaction, creating an on-going brand memory at each point.

The best customer experience management programs are now centered on this vision of tying the voice of the customer with key metrics including Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to show who will and won’t advocate your company. And this continues to evolve with more emotive metrics including Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) which focus further on the customer relationship part of any interaction, including elements such as empathy, expectations, integrity, personalization, resolution and time & effort. These are all efforts that attempt to bring back a human face within a digital environment.

The best CX platforms are designed to help focus on this customer expectation by understanding who customers are and where they are in their journeys. All weighed against the value customers perceive with each touch point; are the correct emotional triggers in place and do these over or under-deliver? What emotional value is the customer getting with each interaction with the brand?

As machine learning and AI continue to evolve, both transactional data and emotive customer interactions become increasingly more important in forming the backbone of customer experience management programs for both small and big businesses. And the technology has never been so accessible and scalable, offering great lifetime value for the enhanced experiences of retained and new customers.

Here the implications of a poor customer lifetime value quickly become clear – As does the need to implement an effective CX program at the right time and in alignment with organizational capabilities and an informed strategy. All under-pinned by value vs cost considerations.

There are many customer experience solutions available, requiring different levels of time and money investment. As the shift towards true customer centricity continues, businesses looking to truly focus on customer expectation will continue to evolve their customer experience management programs within the context of their own roadmaps, starting points and overall longer-term aims.

RecommendIT is a digital customer experience management solution which allows you to collect and analyze data, efficiently respond to customers needs, and carry out sophisticated reporting all from one platform: brief video

We help you to build two-way conversations with customers, modify conversations to the latest insights and rally your organization around your customers to smartly monetise your data, both old and new and from multiple sources. Our solutions are highly configurable in-line with where you are in your customer experience management journey. [next page]..

If you would like a conversation about customer experience management, the capabilities of our CX platform RecommendIT or any of the other Data Analytics solutions that we provide, please get in touch for a consultative and confidential conversation.

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