Examine vital customer reactions

Dive deeper and find what your customers talk about and care about. Leverage customer feedback from unstructured text to gauge the latest trends and explore improvement opportunities.

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Analyze large volumes of unstructured text to understand what your customers talk and care about

A real-life picture of your customers

Use unstructured text feedback for a tangible and real-life picture of your customers.

Uncover topics of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, or browse through their comments and posts to hear their own words

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What’s It Worth To You

Discover potential opportunities

Don’t miss on the chances and opportunities you have. Extract business insights from unstructured and structured text via RecommendIT and find out what your customers really care about.

Discover potential threats

Threats can break  your business! Do not let that happen. Extract vital business information and act upon the areas that need improvement.

Explore social media buzz

Gauge the trends in social media comments, tweets and replies. Your customers are already on social media. Feel their pulse and listen to what they have to tell you.